Who is Reverend Clayton West?

He just wants to get the demons out.

Clayton West was born and raised Wentworth, South Dakota. After spending 15 years as an insurance salesman, Clayton realized he was only saving others from potential financial harm. He decided that wasn't enough. He wanted to save others from a greater harm. After deep thought and self-reflection, he decided to go after something that haunts every one of us. From that point forward, Clayton promised himself that he would single-handedly rid the human race of its demons.

You might be asking yourself, how could he possibly do that? How could one man single-handedly save the world? He needed to reach the world. With the advent of television, he knew he had the means to reach virtually anyone with a television in their living room. Clayton poured his entire life-savings into state-of-the-art video production equipment.

"It was the best money could buy in 1983. I know it was a great investment. In fact, I'm still using most of that equipment on my tours to-date," said Reverend West.
With the power and reach of video distribution, Clayton made a living and a difference in people's lives with his self-produced VHS tapes. As the number of VCRs increased in family homes into the 1990s, so did the spread of his work (and his profits). Clayton used the money he earned from his demon-salvation video tapes to fund international tours.

Unfortunately, the wave of development in digital consumer video took a toll on Clayton's efforts. As DVD players became more affordable, VCRs started to make their way out of households. Within the past ten years, with video-on-demand and online pirating, home video sales have become non-existent. No one is buying physical media these days.

However, Clayton is not giving up on the media that made his career. He still sells VHS tapes on tour and utilizes what some consider "antiquated" or "obsolete" video equipment in his live performances.

Clayton will be coming to your city and he will get the demons out!